Several months ago, I posted a LinkedIn series on the most important workplace values for the new, 2020 work environment, and the workplace value that you all seemed to agree was most needed, was empathy — and while some organisations have managed to jump many of the hurdles that 2020 has thrown at us, there are still challenges going into 2021 that will require leaders to show a good deal of empathy. After all, showing empathy is a key skill that stands true as one of the vital attributes of an Engaging Executive, no matter what the circumstances.

It was encouraging how many of you responded with your own stories of showing empathy and being shown empathy. As one of you noted, “When I receive empathy as a response from others, I feel heard, known and often seen. That allows me to discover my own way out of it and not get stuck in the space I’m in.”

Others noted how empathy has been, in 2020 in particular, a make-or-break quality for many businesses.

Do you have a story from 2020 on empathy in the workplace?

Empathy helps give certainty in times of crisis, read here  on how leaders can create certainty. To see the original post on empathy, check out this link.