It’s called the Primacy Effect and it’s the notion that the first impression you have of someone is the one that you carry with you forever.

Studies show that the right impression when you’re at the beginning of your career or even interviewing for a new job can play a role in the salary you receive. It’s never a safe bet to just assume your salary will grow exponentially by itself over time, getting the right salary now can ensure you’re closer to making your financial goals.

For some, though, making the right impression isn’t always easy, especially since you have somewhere between 30 seconds and four minutes before the other person makes up their mind.


Tips to make the best first impression possible.

  • First, learn to genuinely smile – the Duchenne smile (watch this Vlog  for more details). Your cheeks rise, the muscles around your eyes contract and you get little crows feet.
  • Then, build a social fabric. Connect with those around you. Don’t just focus on your technical prowess in the interview.

If you would to work on your first impressions, read here on building rapport within the first 15 seconds.