Have you been passed over for a promotion at work? Maybe one of your colleagues went out of their way for another individual, when they’ve never lifted a finger to help you. Perhaps you feel you’re just, overall, getting the short end of the stick.

Instead of blaming your coworkers, colleagues and bosses, take an inward look. People do more for the people they like. Do people like you?

One of my clients was recently passed over for a promotion and discovered that it wasn’t because of his technical skills or aptitude for the job. Rather, he hadn’t developed the interpersonal skills needed to make his bosses like him. Thus, he was passed over.

I gave the client a series of tasks to begin building relationships within his office. He came back to me a few weeks later and asked why he still seemed to be putting in so much effort; why wasn’t it working yet? Where were his friends? He was in what I like to call a negative equity situation when it came to his social piggy bank.

Social relationships require investment over time. You don’t reap the rewards immediately, just as you wouldn’t with any business investment. It takes time and effort on your part, to start enjoying the rewards of your office’s social fabric, whether that be promotions, favours or general “good luck” at work.

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