In an earlier post, I addressed the ‘Push Style’ of influence and using your words, voice and body language to become more assertive. While this works well in everyday office interactions, sometimes it can be a little bit trickier asserting yourself in a meeting-style setting.

When you have something to add to an important meeting discussion, but just don’t feel like you can get a word in edgeways, use your physiology to your advantage.

It’s as simple as a few key movements. Lean into the table, put your hand out, open your mouth and say, “Excuse me, I’d like to add a point,” — all in one fluid motion, no pauses or hesitations.

As you lean forward and put your hand up, it creates a visual impact. As you do this more and more, several times throughout each meeting, you’ll begin conditioning your colleagues to, as they see you move forward, stop and listen up to whatever it is you have to say.


The one golden rule with this little trick?

Whatever it is you’re going to say, make sure it counts.

If you offer something of absolutely no value to the conversation, this communication method will lose its magic and be useless.


Want to work on this? 

There is always something you can add in. Check out this blog for how to up your game in storytelling.

Maybe you are all in for this and that’s great! But you just aren’t sure if what you will say offers value. Well, here is a suggestion. Speak up and question troubled people when they use Distortions, Generalisations or Deletions, read here to learn more on this.

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