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Want to know how to ENGAGE people?

Want to know how to ENGAGE people?

Essentially we are all social animals.

We have evolved to rely on each other and to work as a team.

And at the very core of every human being is the need for connection, the need to feel understood and the need to feel valued.

Do you want to be able to connect with and influence other people more effectively?

If you want to bring out the people person in you it’s actually quite simple. It’s all in this Amazon best selling book.

Technical excellence is not enough. You also need to invest in your interpersonal skills, so you can:

  • understand others better
  • influence others better
  • connect with others better

But these skills don’t always come naturally… some of us need a little more help than others.

And I used to be one of those people…which is why I wrote Engage.

What is Engage?

Engage is a book which shows you how to achieve that vital intersection of technical excellence and interpersonal excellence.

And it simplifies the process into the six stages of the ENGAGE Model.

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Step 1   EN-TRANCE

Step 1   EN-TRANCE

En-trance is all about developing your presence.

The vital first step to being engaging is to make a noticeable entrance…

…in fact, so much rests on the first 30 seconds that this part alone can make or break your interaction with someone.

You need to know how to hold yourself and how to make use of nature’s most powerful assets (your non-verbal elements of communication) because they are just as vital as your words when you meet someone for the first time:

  • your expressions,
  • your posture,
  • your walk,
  • how you use your voice,
  • your gesticulations and most importantly,
  • your eyes.
Step 2   NETWORK

Step 2   NETWORK

Network is about how to master small talk.

Networking is essentially how to build connections with people, whether it is an actual networking event, standing by the water cooler, during a one-to-one with a peer, or even while standing on a train platform talking to a complete stranger.

Build relationships with just about anyone, with some great tips on how to:

  • introduce yourself to strangers,
  • master small talk,
  • develop meaningful rapport, and then
  • how to disengage gracefully.

So not only will you feel confident in social situations…you will make other people feel comfortable and relaxed in your presence.

Step 3 GUIDE

Step 3 GUIDE

Guide is about learning how to influence a conversation.

This is the step many people want to get to first, but you need to firstly form a connection with someone before you can guide the conversation.

Learn how to:

  • influence by asking questions,
  • insert yourself into conversations dominated by others,
  • use the language of influence artfully,
  • resolve conflict and get a win–win outcome, and
  • marry your physiology with your voice and words to create maximum impact.


Acknowledge is about creating empathy.

Once you have mastered the art of influence we start rounding you off with some skills that will help you understand people and what is important to them,

…so you will become:

  • more approachable,
  • able to relate to more emotional people,
  • an all-round better leader of people, and begin to
  • win both hearts and minds.
Step 5 GLOW

Step 5 GLOW

Glow is about leaving a lasting impression.

By this stage you’re getting invited to more networking events, business lunches or social events, but how are you going to make sure that you are remembered?

You leave a lasting impression through:

  • making yourself more interesting and animated,
  • telling engaging stories, and
  • using humour appropriately.

This stage not only shows you how to add the secret sauce to how you deliver content…it will also ensure you never run out of things to say in social settings again!



Enlighten is about how to coach and mentor others to greatness.

Your pride and joy may be the intellectual knowledge you have in your head, but the best people leaders are those who can:

  • shape and mould the talent around them in a way that is not teaching but coaching,
  • inspire others to greater heights, and
  • give feedback in a way that is constructive and positively received.


Want to learn how to bring out the ‘people person’ inside you?

Want to learn how to bring out the ‘people person’ inside you?

…Engage is a methodology for making the kind of impact that gets results

Engage is a book which breaks this methodology into achievable steps

Engage is an investment in your hip pocket, your career and your future

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