Do you aspire to be a leader at work?

One surefire way to get your voice heard and lead your team to victory is to actually make sure that there are, well, people playing on your team.

Getting people on your team, though, requires that people like you. What’s one good way to make sure your colleagues not only like you, but that they love you? According to Psychology Today, all it takes is a little bit of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence, sometimes referred to as “EI” rather than IQ, is made up of your ability to gauge others’ reactions and emotions, empathise and then respond in a way that makes sense for the situation.

Individuals with high EI often have the entire office at their beck and call. People go out of their way to help them. Those individuals are the helpful, appreciative, nice, considerate ones. They read the room and they respond accordingly, to make sure everyone has what they need, when they need it and that the entire office is going in the right direction.

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