Looking back at some of my most popular LinkedIn posts over 2020, one theme stands out as being very important to a lot of you: office culture.

Last month, we talked about the four things you need for a high-performance culture, including strong leadership, engaged employees, continual employee development and openness to change.

A lot of you really resonated with that last need — the ability and willingness to change. As one of you noted, very rightly, inflexibility in the workplace can stifle a department; another correctly mentioned how allowing for change will help leaders and their teams especially now, when the workplace is so different and, for many, difficult. In 2020 especially, successful organisations set themselves apart with their openness to change.

Looking ahead to 2021, how will you be fostering an openness to change within your team (and subsequently avoiding the mammoth costs of the poor office culture that results from not being able to adjust to change)?

One way is to look into your Human Resources skills, read this blog  to find out how your role is more important than ever. To see the original post from last month, check out this link.