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Why settle for good when you can be great?

Already a high performer?

But you’re not sure how to take your career to the next level?

If you want to:

  • build connections, engage with and influence others
  • gain more status, responsibilities and achievements
  • confidently interact in both business and social situations
  • develop these interactions into important relationships

…it’s as much about WHO you know, as what you know.


Hi, my name is Duncan Fish.

I’m an executive coach and through my Engaging Executive Programme I work with executives who are technically brilliant but also want and need to lift their people skills to the same level. I specialise in helping middle managers and above or professionals looking to get better results through others.

It’s my mission to help you feel relaxed, confident and skilled in the art of communication, both in business and social situations, because the enabler for everything is always the ability to generate more and higher quality relationships.

Why am I so passionate about this? 

Until my early 20s I was an incredibly shy, socially awkward young man. So I decided to embark on a 20-year quest to find out what makes people likeable and influential… and having found my own way out of the problem I realised my life purpose was to help others do the same.

My unique background as a Chartered Occupational Psychologist, Executive Coach and Dating Coach has given me three unique lenses through which to view interpersonal skills.

And over the past 21 years I have worked with corporates, public sector and private individuals… in fact I’ve coached over 1000 people to become more engaging and influential.

What are the signs you are an overly ‘task minded’ Executive?

Of course, getting results is essential.  However, are you overly focused on this no matter the cost?

If you’re an overly ‘task minded’ executive you may:

  • ignore relationship building because you believe technical ability is all that matters
  • believe small talk is not important and a waste of time
  • worry if you’re not always be the smartest person in the room
  • believe communication is all about content and not so much about how you deliver the message
  • avoid social gatherings because you think you will run out of things to say
  • believe that emotional people are difficult and irrational

And if any of these beliefs hold true for you…my Engaging Executive Programme can help you too.

What can we help you achieve?

What can we help you achieve?

The Engaging Executive Programme will help you to enhance your people skills, teaching you how to:

  • Make a great first impression and have a presence in the room
  • Master the art of small talk, whether it be at a networking event or your peers
  • Become part of the ‘in-group’, where the real decisions are made
  • Influence your boss, your peers or subordinates in non-technical matters
  • Feel confident when having tough conversations or managing conflict
  • Understand and relate to people who think very differently to you
  • Motivate and empower the people you manage

How can I help you become an Engaging Executive?

Whether you decide to enrol in my 90 day Engaging Executive Programme, Executive Coaching, watch my vlog or simply read my book, Engage

… The Engaging Executive Company will help you to develop your people skills in a safe and supportive, risk-free environment.

I understand how to create processes that help people like me to learn, because in the past I struggled to learn these people skills myself.

Contact me now to chat about what will work for you.