What is the primary way that a team of coworkers bonds together and becomes, well, a team? Through collaboration, actual teamwork, accomplishing goals together, etc. This is easy enough in the office, but what happens when that collaboration becomes difficult and team members are working in silos — like they are now that everyone’s working virtually?

As a leader, you want to develop a team of people who trust one another and who are productive, and that’s why it’s so important to facilitate connections and collaboration even when we’re all working separately.

A recent Reliable Plant article,  some of the best ways team leaders are doing this is through face-to-face (or, in the current climate, video) meetings so every team member can learn about one another and their capabilities; by not micromanaging and empowering team members to make decisions; and proactively managing any inter-team conflict.

How are you building teams of people who trust one another and collaborate in a productive member while working virtually? For more tips on how to connect with your team, read here.